The World’s first commercial personal air vehicle testing may start soon in India

Dr. Janpieter Koning Co-Chairman of Pal-V met Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and explained their planning to shortly commence testing of the first commercial personal air vehicle in the country. Pal-V is a Netherlands based company involved in the development of personal air-land vehicles.

Pal-V Co-Chairman Drs Janpieter Koning said at The Economic Times Global Business Summit.

“We met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demonstrated our technology. We might start testing in India very soon”

Pal-V is working on commercially launching the flying car in the next one year for personal buyers globally. These cars can fly in the sky and can be used as regular cars on the roads. These cars don’t need airstrip to take off and Landing, so consumers can land them anywhere on the plain clear ground.

Although, the vehicle conforms to existing international air and land rules. The company will train buyers to acquire certification for flying the vehicle. The training process takes about 35-40 hours.

Dr. Janpieter Koning informed

The use of the vehicle for public transportation, however, would remain challenging, for now, It would require the creation of appropriate regulations and infrastructure, he said. Besides, the battery would be too heavy so other solutions would have to be looked at.

Image Source: Pal-V