“Oversight™” New Safety and Security Platform for Smart Machines launched by FORT Robotics

Fort Robotics Introduces a Full-Stack platform “Oversight™“, a Safety and Security Platform for Smart Machines that enhance flexibility, safety, and endpoint security for autonomous and connected machines.

About Fort Robotics:

Fort Robotics is a Philadelphia, USA based company involves in the development of the security and safety functions for smart machines using wireless communications. Their wireless control systems use technology designed specifically for safety-critical messages and ensure redundancy and the highest safety compliance when working with autonomous or robotic machines. FORT also builds industrial remote controls and wireless e-stops that can control both fixed and mobile machines, heavy equipment and other applications for industries including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and warehousing.

FORT Robotics developed Oversight™ after working for several years with over 200 customers, including many of the most advanced robot development teams across numerous Fortune 100 companies, VC-funded startups, and academic and government research labs. Oversight reflects these customers’ need to maintain safe and secure remote control over large machines at all times, even if they’re fully autonomous and connected to the internet. FORT sees Oversight as a critical step in its mission to make robust functional safety and cybersecurity easier to build into smart machines.

Key benefits of FORT Oversight include:

Remote Control Designed for Autonomy: Advanced collaboration features enable safe control transitions between different machines and users in multiple operation modes– from manual to fully autonomous– with minimal friction.

Flexible and Future-Proof: WiFi, Bluetooth, ISM, and LTE network options enable global and diverse use cases, for today and tomorrow, plus the ability to use Oversight as the machine’s primary communications gateway.

User-Configurable Wireless Safety: Expandable safety I/O allows additional safety devices to be integrated and bridged wirelessly.

Rugged, Ergonomic, Industrialized Hardware: Extreme temperature ranges, ingress protection, and hardened mechanical design on the machine, familiar but rugged form factor in the handset.

Seamless Configuration and Updates: Smart device integration enables system updates and user access control in the field; web portal provides easy configuration and monitoring of the ecosystem remotely.

Powerful Security: Hardware-based authentication ensures that only approved operators are allowed to operate machines, approved developers are allowed to modify machines, and approved organizations are allowed to communicate with machines.

Samuel Reeves, Founder, and CEO of FORT Robotics Said:

“Every machine is becoming connected and autonomous, and we are building Oversight as the protective layer to ensure those machines are safe and secure. Construction, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and countless niches are being transformed by smart machines, and we want to give the engineering teams developing these solutions the freedom to focus on their applications with the confidence that safety supervision and endpoint security are taken care of.”