The World’s first Flying Cars Pal-V to built in India: Confirmed

Gujarat State Industries Principal Secretary MK Das and Carlo Maasbommel & vice president of PAL-V’s international business development signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in the presence of Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani regarding set up a manufacturing plant in Gujarat, India.

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The state government of Gujarat would help the Pal-V Netherlands car-maker in getting all necessary approvals from the Centre for the plant in Gujarat.

Previously, Dr. Janpieter Koning Co-Chairman of Pal-V met Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and explained their planning to shortly commence testing of the first commercial personal air vehicle in the country.

Carlo Maasbommel, VP International Business Development of Pal V Said:

“Pal-V chose Gujarat for its world-class infrastructure, ease of doing business and better port and logistic facilities. The company had set a target of commencing commercial production by 2021, adding that cars manufactured here would also be exported, including to the United States and European nations.”

On the Explanation and details of the commercial personal air vehicle, Maasbommel said,

“The PAL-V flying car, having two engines, can run at a speed of 160 kilometres on road and can fly at a speed of 180 km. The car can turn into a flying vehicle in just three minutes and cover a distance of 500 km on a full tank.”

Image Source: Pal-V