Gilbarco Veeder-Root Launches New Fleet-Focused Charger

Gilbarco’s e-Mobility team is proud to release the latest addition to the Amps2Go series with the F7 Level 2 charger.

Below, the team breaks down the differences between this charger and others, and potential use cases.

Who needs the Amps2Go Series F7 electric vehicle charger?

Fleet managers operating electric vehicles from closed, or “behind-the-fence”, depots need the Amps2Go Series F7. The Amps2Go Series F7 is a rugged, fleet-focused Level 2 (L2) charger, perfect for vehicles that experience longer dwell times, such as overnight.

Gilbarco just released another Amps2Go Level 2 EV charger. How is the Series F7 different?

The Amps2Go Series 6 and the Series F7 are designed for different customer needs. For L2 charging, use-cases range from fleet charging that takes place at a closed depot (what we’re calling “behind-the-fence”) all the way to public L2 charging for EV drivers in a town or at a retail outlet, for example. The Amps2Go Series F7 is perfect for powering the first use-case—that is, fleet-focused L2 charging without the need to support public charging. The Amps2Go Series 6 powers fleets too, only it’s able to support public charging use-cases, making it a great fit for the second set of customer needs.

How should fleet managers or site hosts interested in providing L2 charging decide which charger is right for them?

If you’re concerned with powering your fleet and don’t need or want to host public or workplace charging, then the Amps2Go Series F7 is the best fit. If you want to power a fleet and host public L2 charging at the same site—a great way to enhance your property and generate revenue—then the Amps2Go Series 6 is the best charger for you. The Amps2Go Series 6 is also a great fit for property owners, municipalities, and others who want to provide public L2 charging to drivers.

Why is Gilbarco a smart partner for sites developing e-Mobility infrastructure?

Gilbarco provides fleet managers with a trusted partner, with a deep history in the fueling space. The e-Mobility market is nascent, and it’s difficult to say which equipment providers will be here tomorrow. Fleet managers want a partner they can count on as they electrify, and with over a century of experience and technology leadership in the fueling space, Gilbarco, with our best-in-class service network, is equipped to deliver quality products for years to come. Additionally, Gilbarco understands that fleets won’t electrify overnight. Given the breadth of our fueling technology, we’re able to support a fleet’s total fueling needs—whether electric or powered by traditional fuels.

About Gilbarco Veeder-Root

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